There are millions of people worldwide with communication disabilities due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism and ALS who require assistive communication (also known as augmentative and alternative communication or AAC) to express themselves. Most are unaware the technology exists or aren’t eligible for financial coverage. An independent study, “Exploring the Benefits of Assistive Communication” published in 2024 by Augur and commissioned by Tobii Dynavox, details its impact from a health economic perspective. This study shows that assistive communication is an investment with measurable returns and clear economic benefits to society. It also shows that investments in high-tech assistive communication solutions for people with disabilities:

  • pay for themselves three times over
  • double a user’s quality of life

This study is now available free of charge. Please feel free to download, read and share the link to this page widely to help build awareness about the benefits of assistive communication and AAC.